My name is Gloria Pianalto owner of Bentonville and Fayetteville Princess Party Palace. Please text 479.595.6700 for all future communication. 

We have owned the Fayetteville location and Washington County offsite appearances since we opened and we purchased the Bentonville location and the offsite Benton County appearances in May 2019. Our new website launched August 10, 2019. 

•30 minute PRINCESS appearance $85 SECOND PRNICESS $75

•60 minute PRINCESS appearances $125 SECOND PRINCESS $75

•Outdoor Backyard Mermaid Pool Party $199 for 60 minutes

•Green Fin Purple top Red Hair Princess Mermaid Outdoor Pool Party 60 minutes $250

Upgrades are available as time allows and if upgrades cause overtime if the booked appearance, extra time will be invoiced:

Crowning ceremony with keepsake rhinestone tiara $15

Paint nails $10

Glitter tattoos $1.50 per child

Royal Assistant $25 for 30 minutes and $35 for 60 minute appearances

Extra time $10/10 minute increments for first character

Extra time $5/10 minute increments for 2nd character

Extra time $2.50/10 minute increments for Royal Assistant

Includes interactive sing-a-long and storytime (as time allows), and any craft or games that you supply and place out where the Princess can easily access and that is discussed in advance so she knows your expectations. 

Please allow 10-20 minutes per activity depending upon number of children. Please discuss with me what you want the Princess to do at your party so that you have the experience you want. Then put it in a text message to me so I can copy it and paste it to the Princess so she knows what you want her to do. This is how we will communicate and keep from wasting precious time once she is there. 

I need to get information from you, send your invoice and provide you with our offsite policies. 

Please copy and paste and fill in the following questionnaire and text to 479.595.6700  Please also include your expectations of what you want her to do while she is there. 

Parent name

Address of appearance with zip code

Parent phone number for text

Parent address

Parent email for invoice 

Handler name

Handler text number 

Child name

Age child turning 

Number of children attending 

Length of appearance- 30 or 60 minutes 

Character request 1st choice

Character request 2nd choice in the event that the first choice is unavailable

Expectations of Princess (what you want the princess to do.) -

Upgrade y or n

Upgrade specifics- 

We usually bring a bluetooth speaker and will do meet and greet, Song/Story, and sing Happy Birthday as your child blows out her candles for the birthday cake and that is all the that time allows as 30 minutes goes by extremely fast. If you want children poses for pictures with Princess, we recommend that you purchase the 1 hour package. The princess can also  assist with a craft or game provided that it is set out for her and is pretty much self explanatory. 

Rules for offsite appearances- all appearances must be indoors in a controlled environment that is clean, air conditioned or heated unless we discuss this in advance and very few exceptions will be made to this rule. 

Not all Characters are available for Offsite Appearance. Please provide 1st and 2nd choice. Ethnic and Princesses of Color are by availability only and we cannot guarantee that one is always available. 1st and 2nd choice is necessary and will require a Caucasian 2nd choice just in case something unexpected happens. Every effort will always me made to provide you with your first choice.

A “handler” must be provided by the parent who will meet the princess at her vehicle and please provide me a text message phone number. The handler will carry whatever the princess brings with her so she has open arms as children tend to run toward her and want hugs upon her entrance. The handler needs to be your most trusted friend and cannot be the mother of the birthday child as the birthday child becomes anxious if the mother is missing for any length of time from their party and the mother is usually too busy being the party planner to also be the handler for the princess. The handler will answer all questions asked to the princess by adults. The handler will stay with the princess at all times and will walk the princess back to the door assuring that children are not able to see her go to her car. No hitting or kicking or heckling the princess is allowed.  No water balloons, water pistols, water guns etc. are allowed during the time when the princess/mermaid is at the party. The princess is there to provide a magical experience for your birthday child and child guests. The princess is not a baby sitter and is not to be left alone to tend to the children. If there are more than 10 child guests, we recommend adding a Royal Assistant who is a trained assistant and will help with the children.  The handler you provide must stay with the Princess at all times. These rules and recommendations are here to help you have the best experience possible. We will help you to plan your party and are here to provide tips and pointers.

*Absolutely no alcohol or smoking is allowed around the princess/mermaid at your party. This is a child’s birthday party so typically this is not a problem, but unfortunately we had an incident of a parent thinking it was okay to allow alcoholic beverages and smoking at their child’s birthday party so now we have had to make this an official rule. If at anytime the alcohol or smoking occurs, our princess is to immediately leave after saying goodbye to the birthday child and the appearance will terminate. No refund will be given. If a bad review is left for our company because of this policy, we will accept that, but we will also add that behavior by party guests that was against our company policy occurred during the child’s birthday party appearance which caused appearance termination and this policy was provided and agreed to in advance of the party. Your appearance is not booked and reserved until payment in full is received via emailed invoice. Communication with me is acknowledgement and agreement to these rules and terms so please ask any and all questions in text form if there is anything that you do not understand or believe that you can comply with. 

You and your handler will keep the party on schedule so that the Princess is there within the timeframe that you have booked for your appearance. If you go over, extra time will be added to your invoice. The parent should speak loudly 5 minutes before at the end of the appearance and say, “Princess _____ is getting ready to go back to her Kingdom, so lets all tell her thank you for coming and say goodbye.” This lets the princess know that her time is up and she will make sure that she leaves on time. If you have a Royal Assistant, the Royal Assistant can fill this role.  If you deviate from our terms and damages are caused to wigs or gowns, you will be expected to compensate for the actual damage costs. Damages are only applied if damages are caused from deviation from our policies. We expect normal use and repairs. 

*tipping of the Princess is allowed and only given to the Princess by the handler and out of sight of the children. Tipping is in no way expected or mandatory. We believe tipping is simply an expression of a job well done.



My name is Gloria Pianalto owner of Bentonville and Fayetteville Princess Party Palace. Please text 479.595.6700 for all future communication. We are a small family owned business. All family members include my husband, Thomas Pianalto, daughter Adri Pianalto, daughter Bianca Pianalto Johns and her husband Cameron Johns.

We have owned the Fayetteville location and Washington County offsite appearance since January 2018. We purchased Bentonville location and Benton County offsite appearances in June of 2019. Our new website launch on August 10, 2019.  

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend that you drive by the Palace at 813 West Central #15, Bentonville, Arkansas 72712 and 3140 North Market Avenue, Fayetteville, AR 72703 to see the space and decor. We keep the Palace with several lights left on for this purpose. You can see everything except the public restroom, the princess dressing room and a storage closet. The space you see is the area that is used during the party. Seating: We have 10 adult chairs, 4 benches,  and 30+ children chairs (the children chairs are short but they are rated for 300 lbs).  For the Onderland party, receptions and bridal/baby showers, we have 30 adult chairs available in addition to the bench seating that you can see in the space. We have two 4ft tables, four 6ft rectangle tables, and a 4ft round table at each location. There is a buffet cake table in the center of each space and a gift table by the front glass. If you would like a telephone or in-person appointment, please call or text me 479-595-6700. I answer all calls left on voice mail after 5pm and I answer text messages at noon and after 5pm. Email is checked less frequently as is Facebook messages and messenger. Texting is the best way to contact me. I try to quit working at 10pm.

Location Choice- Bentonville or Fayetteville 

Parent name - 

Email - 

Address -

Phone number - 

Number of children attending counting the birthday child- 

How many of these children are Boys- 

How you heard of us - 

Name of birthday girl - 

Age turning -

Pink or White candles - y or n

Party requested - 

Date requested - 

Time requested - 

Character request 1st choice- 

Character request 2nd choice in the event the 1st choice is unavailable - 

Any upgrades - 

BOYS: Specific questions about boys. We style the boys as pirates. We have a craft for the boys that they do at the same time as the girls. For the Makeup we do beard and mustache goatee style and will do a black eye if they want. The boys get boy style tattoo when the girls are getting princess tattoo. We have superhero capes for either gender. Boys love to get their nails painted and we do have superhero blue. Our glow in the dark makeup and nail polish is for both boys and girls.

DRESS UP CLOSET: Please cloth your children under the gown they wear to the Palace. They will want to change in our dress up closet many times. The children need to wear a camisole or tshirt and shorts or leggings under their gown. All changing is done in the open and please assume that your friends and family are taking photos and videos at all times. Please tell your guests that we will instruct them to keep their clothes on.

The palace decor is pink and gold. We use white forks and pink and gold tableware.

Every party at the palace ends in a coronation with a keepsake rhinestone tiara, opening of gifts and a photo session with the Princess. (You can also customize your party to extend the dance session by excluding the opening of gifts. Opening gifts depending on the age of your child can take 1-3 minutes for each gift. Many parents choose this option.) 

Pictures: At no additional charge and as time and staffing allows, you can request to get every photo and video we take. We are in no way professional photographers or videographers but we use cell phone technology which is what basically every parent uses during our parties. We can do a group party photo, family photo (which many families use for their Christmas card in the holiday season) and individual photos of anyone who wants a photo with the Princess. These photos are taken by the party captain and then we text them to you on the number you provide at your request. Or, if the guest parents are ready and can do quick change outs, the parents can take their own photos. This takes more time and we have to incorporate more time so please let the party captain know at the party, who you want to take the photos. We cannot guarantee that we will have time to do change out of all the guest parents. This is as time allows and at the discretion of the party captain, but we always make every effort and you will regardless get every picture by requesting by texting this number. This is all done at no extra charge to your party package. If we take your pictures, your guests need to know that they will get the pictures from you via text because occasionally they do not understand why we are moving so quickly and taking pictures of their children. We move quickly so that you get the most out of your party. We get the pictures to you within 2-3 days. If a parent wants their own picture, just tell me so we can get them up there. If they want to request the photos directly from me, that is fine. They need to contact me via Facebook messenger so I can verify their identity and that of their child. We try to do everything possible to make certain that you and your guests get memories from your party. 

FOOD: You will provide your own cake or cupcakes and we have a cupcake stand. We provide juice boxes for the children during cake time. You can provide bottled water for the adults if you choose.

ARRIVAL TIME: You may arrive 5 minutes early for your party. Please do not arrive early and ask your guests to not arrive more than 5 minutes early. Please leave the palace on time as we only have 1 hour (60 minutes between parties). Your princess needs to come out and help with cleaning and set up for the next party and for this reason, we ask that you do not linger in the parking lot. Because of the glass windows, your children can watch your princess clean (out of character) and this ruins the magic. Thank you for your understanding.

DECORATIONS: We will assist you with anything your may have brought for decor. If have something that you want to bring in please ask by texting. We will be happy to make most accomodations. What we DO NOT ALLOW: nothing to be hung from the ceiling like a pinata and nothing to be hung on the wall like a banner.

Please fill in each of the questions and return. Also please carefully check your email address that you provided . Once I have verified that we can do the party of your choice and that character is available, I will send an invoice to the email address you provide. The invoice amount is $75 to book your party and hold your date/time and a 4% processing fee. The deposit is not refundable but should you need to cancel your party (for any reason and we don’t even to know a reason) your deposit will be applied toward rebooking the party or if you are unable to rebook at this time, we can apply it toward any in-house event, Tunes 4 Tots Mommy and Me class, Princess Dance Class or anything that we do at the Palace that is on-site and within one year from the date canceled. 

Who is a guest included in the number charged for? A guest is a participating child above the number included in the base price of your party package. We do not charge for the number of children you invite. We only charge for the number of children that attend and participate. 

This is a custom party with me as your party planner so feel free to make changes at anytime by texting this number. Please understand that if we talk in person or on the phone, I will send a text confirmation of what we discuss because it is the only way I will have changes. I use this text message as a tool when talking with you, shopping and planning your party and setting up for your event the day of your party. Please check and recheck the details. 

*Tipping: You can tip the Princess at your own choice. We do accept tips on the invoice via debit/credit card. Methods of payment we accept is debit/credit card invoiced via email or cash. Parents, please do not tip the Princess directly as she needs to stay in character. It can also be given to the party captain. Tips are optional and please do not feel obligated to tip. All tips go directly to the princess. 

*please do not tell parents that they can drop off their child to attend the party without the parent. If you have questions about this please ask me. I can explain the pros and cons to this. 

Thank you for choosing Princess Party Palace!